Lustau Solera Gran Reserva Finest Selection 700ml

Lustau Solera Gran Reserva Finest Selection 700ml

With an ageing period of 15 years, Lustau´s Finest Selection is the result of a blend of different old Brandies from the House, aged in casks which previously contained Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez wines for between 40 and 50 years.

Mahogany colour with golden hints. Intense aromas of dried plums, raisins and milk chocolate. Velvety mouthfeel. Burnt caramel and roasted nuts with black pepper and liquorice in the finish.

Oloroso is pungent nutty aromas. Rich flavors of dark chocolate and walnuts. It has an intense, concentrated aftertaste. P. X. has a Dark mahogany colour with iodine highlights, with dry fruit aromas (figs, raisins, dates) Smooth and mellow. Enormously sweet, with a very long finish.

Aged for 15 years in a secret selection of American oak casks that have been aging in Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez for many years.

Mahogany colour with golden hints; aromas of spices and chocolate with a backdrop of dried fruit. A touch of sweetness leads on to an intense flavour of hazelnuts, finishing with a long and slightly spicy aftertaste.