Mars Maltage COSMO Wine Cask Finish 700ml

Mars Maltage COSMO Wine Cask Finish 700ml

This brand new Mars Maltage Cosmo is a brilliant blended whisky from Hombo Mars that was given a unique wine cask finish that has imparted sweet, fruity notes onto the smooth, medium-bodied spirit. Hombo Mars now has two operational distilleries, Shinshu and Tsunuki, and it’s likely that spirit from both has made it into this excellent blend.

As this is a new release, quantities are limited, so order now to get your hands on one.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Date sweetness balanced by tart red fruit and walnut bitterness, along with bright fresh tropical fruit.

Palate: Wine-y fruit influence, with lots of black fruit, plum, and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

Finish: Tannic black tea on a dry finish.